The Stonehenge & Avebury WHS Research Framework will provide a united historic environment research agenda and strategy for the Stonehenge & Avebury World Heritage Site.

The two parts of the World Heritage Site currently have separate research frameworks that were created at different times and in different formats.  This project is updating and harmonising the existing frameworks to create a singe research framework comprising a resource assessment and a single research strategy with a five year currency.  The project is also developing a method of monitoring the progress of the strategy to facilitate its revision.

Wessex Archaeology is acting as coordinator for this project which is funded by Historic England.  Wessex Archaeology is liaising with expert contributors and assisting in ensuring the evenness of scope and detail across the resource assessment, research framework and research strategy.  They are also lead on editing contributions.

The Avebury and Stonehenge Archaeological & Historical Research Group (ASAHRG) is playing a leading role in this work.

Wessex Archaeology post updates on their website and this can be viewed here.

The Historic England website provides links to the Archaeological Research Agenda for Avebury WHS (2001).

You can download a copy of the Stonehenge WHS: An Archaeological Research Framework (2005) here.