Following the success of the fantastic celebrations for the 30th anniversary of the Stonehenge, Avebury and Associated Sites World Heritage Sites, we are making public some of the presentations that were shown on the day. The following presentations show the immeasurable contributions that heritage professionals make in ensuring that the World Heritage Site continues to enjoy world class management and conservation.

A new dawn at Stonehenge – WHS 30 EH presentation

This presentation focuses on the challenges and rewards when it comes to managing a site as world renowned as Stonehenge is. Through the slides, the changes that Stonehenge has undergone in the last 30 years are visibly palpable, as are the improvements that have been made in the site.

Stonehenge and Avebury Evolving Landscapes

Stonehenge and Avebury Evolving Landscapes 2

These two presentations explain the transformation of the physical landscape of the World Heritage Site in the last 30 years; including some of the challenges associated with improving the site and how the nature in the area has been taken into consideration. It helps to highlight that the World Heritage Site is not just about the monuments in the area, but also that the natural landscape and setting are integral parts of maintaining World Heritage status.


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