World Heritage Youth Summit 2015 Update

Blaenavon Youth Summit2015 logo
Blaenavon Youth Summit2015 logo

The World Heritage Youth Summit 2015 team at the Blaenavon World Heritage Site have extended the deadline into September.

This is response to feedback and will allow more people to apply to join the World Heritage Youth Summit 2015

Ashleigh Taylor, Project Manager UK WHS UNESCO Youth Summit writes:

  • Deadlines have been extended – (Mid September and can be flexible  upon request if needed by individual groups)
  • You can now register to attend before you need to submit any work. By registering, you are securing your areas/organisations places in advance.
  • The competition element has simplified .
  • The group size can be flexible between 2-6 young people (but only 1 adult).

Don’t miss the great opportunity to attend the World Heritage Youth Summit 2015 being held in Blaenavon Word Heritage Site in South Wales

Please see the Youth Summit website for details.

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